Cars Too!

27 Jun

I may be too old for some things, but one will never outgrow the ever present charm produced by PIXAR animation. John Lasseters latest tromp through his vision of cars and the somewhat cliched atmosphere of the last movie quickly fills itself out as an environmental movie. This time instead of focusing on character interaction, subtle exposition, and obvious but prevalent morals, the movie makers decide to fill it to the brim with abundant (yet sometimes clever) car puns, action sequences, and features not Lightning McQueen, but the comedic relief as the protagonist. I for one enjoyed Dan Whitney’s(Larry the Cable Guy) take on the character, Mater, but the writing tends to take the overbearing charm of the character to an extreme. The plot centers around an espionage reference hop with Michael Kane(Austin Powers’ Father) as an aged spy car trying to uncover an evil plot centering around alternative fuel. This type of plot displays once again that that Pixar isn’t afraid of blatant over bared violence as long as its comical, or extremely vague to its younger audience. All in all(see movie, no pun intended) this movie is certainly funnier than the last one but not as original, and certain jokes will fly over the heads of non auto buffs like myself. In short, if you liked the first one, go see it, and remember the faithful saying that there is no such thing as a “bad” Pixar movie. Thumbs up.


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