Lightning Strikes Twice Again!

27 Jun

Throughout the years the game company known as “Sucker Punch” has managed to suck gamers in using interesting characters fused with excellent gameplay, most noticeably shown through their Sly Cooper series. Another game of theirs called “Infamous” hit the ground running being one of the Sony PS3’s most rewarding gaming experiences in terms of game play but fell short in certain character composition. Even so the game still manages to engross players in its world while still executing a black and white moral system. Well it’s sequel time and this one is a doozie, for you see the game play itself hasn’t really changed short of a few new powers. The bulk of this game is spent generally doing the same thing as the last game, but the staples are presented in a much more interesting way, giving weight to the characters themselves as well as their individual, and differing actions. As is with the basic story of the first game, this one is sprinkled with a few twists that would make M. Night Shyamalan himself bow down in respect. However you may wish to see either of the endings is up to you, but for me this was a satisfying ending to a franchise, and of course I’m not planning to drag the bare bones of an extremely vague scene( much in the way people thought the secret vid at the end of KH2 was in reference to KH3) and hopes sucker punch knows when to stop. Nothing else to say except that I’m excited for Sly4, or at least I would be if it was being made by Sucker Punch and not the ridiculous joke of game company, “Sanzaru Games”, who successfully ruined the cult reputation of great game series Ratchet and Clank, by bringing fans the triple F bomb, Secret Agent Clank and the up and coming pile of refuse that will be known as “Sly Cooper Thieves In Time”. What’s next Sanzaru, is your nightmare inducing monkey icon going to poison the Uncharted series next. Unfortunately I will have to fill out my hatred for things such as this in another review, for now let’s throw Sucker Punch a cookie, before they themselves give us a punch in the head. For “Infamous 2”, Thumbs Up!  


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