L.A. Noire

28 Jun

L.A. Noire is the latest masterpiece to come from “Rockstar”, and their inventive charm continues to present itself through this game. Set in the Los Angeles of the late 1940’s, this game begins to compose a story for which anyone can understand or at least be interested in. You follow the exploits of war veteran Cole Phelps, who’s on a mission to be the best detective ever by actually doing his job instead of just walking around like everyone else does. Cole seems to have a special device that vibrates every time he wobbles over a clue, which leads to the major downside of this game in that it can get a little repetitive, but never in a way that is boring, quite the opposite. The good points in this game is that the acting is not strictly voice or main body movement, but the excellent facial capturing that Rockstar has invested in with australian developer “Team Bondi”. Multiple cases all centering in or around the main campaign, wonderful characterization, and the beauty of the digitally recreated L.A. gives this reviewer reason enough that this is a definite rent. Sorry but withuot a varried campaign to back up its replay value, the game doesn’t last that long, and although its a good game, it is still the first of its kind, which means that it is doomed to fall short in certain executions. Either way this still gets a thumbs up, and if you can spare the expense, then go for it.


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