2 Jul

This new game by the name of, “Outland”, is a creative little tromp through the original ideas that made platform titles enjoyable. This game wastes little time enthralling the gamer in its universe, while it slowly tells you the story of two sisters who each had control over light and darkness. The hero of the story is caught between the two sisters and must use his gained powers to stop them.Outland is a great title, and the only thing holding it back is its misplaced exposition. With each boss you receive a back story, but only after they are defeated, ruining any sympathy or awe you might have for the irritant you just erased.If this little problem had been fixed you could almost compare it to, “Shadow of the Collossus”. Other than this however, Outland hits high note after high note making sure never to get repetitive by giving you new powers to utilize in both battle and exploration. For ten dollars you’re getting more than enough to satisfy your platforming crave, for which I highly recommend. The story is subtle and understandable, the game play is fluid, and the visuals as well as the audio are all fantastic. Thumbs Up!


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