Avada Kedavra That’s All Folks!

24 Jul

It should be no secret that I am a huge fan of the Harry potter movies, not for the whimsical charm, or the abundance of witty, and surreal comedy, but for it’s attention to detail, and consistency. Since film one of this series they’ve had the same actors playing the same parts everytime, and nothing short of an actors death ruined this. You were able to literally grow up with these characters, see them as children turned to adults, and it was awesome. When Going to see part one i held my expectations high, and for good reasons, this was it, this is the last in a movie series that spans more than a decade of work, and from point A to point B, everything was spectacular and easy to follow. For part two however I had to yank the chain my expectations before I became disappointed. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad by any means, the ending was fantastic, and it was exactly how I wanted it to end. Every loose end, and subplot since the beggining is tied up, and all is well in the land of Potter. The action sequences are fun to watch, but some of the scenes featuring character deaths go by too fast, but are resolved in a pleasing manner near the end. Certain things in the last part come straight out of nowhere, if only to answer a few questions.The Harry Potter movies’ specific formula is the first of it’s kind, and you can’t look at each movie individually, but as a whole arcing story which, like others must come to an end.Extremely minor gripes aside this was a good ending to a good story, and we should be excited for J.K. Rowlings next work if she hasn’t already retired with this royalty H-bomb.  Of course this gets a thumbs up, and is a must see if, and only if you have seen the other movies which also get a thumbs up and a recommendation. Thanks, and see ya later!



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