Don’t Call It A Comeback!

24 Jul

I’m back y’all, and I am 100% ready to get back to reviews. I’ll be starting college soon, so I’ll have more time and inspiration in order to fuel this blog. If any body is still reading then please comment, and give me feedback, or else i won’t learn nothin’. I won’t post any vids until I figure out how to work this HD thing, but until then, let my written words comfort you. We’re gonna kick this revival off right with steady movie reviews, so be on the lookout for the last Harry Potter movie(That’s part 1&2), Captain America, and others. I may do a game or two, but as we know the summer isn’t “new” game season, it’s for movies. Unfortunately, “Daily DB”, is turning into, “The Weekly DB!”, for creative purposes, and I am also at work on a web comic in which to further test the waters of my talents. Thanks for support, and look forward to these, and other things from the brain of me. along with a new catch phrase, Thanks, and see ya later!



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