Kept In America!

31 Jul

It truly is hard to put my feelings about this movie in general to what it actually is, but I’m going to try my best. Hands down this and all other marvel masterpieces centering around the inevitable avengers movie are good, and even fantastic given the source material. I’ve never bought a comic book outside of my short lived Spiderman interest, and whatever my local comic bookstore handed out on “Free Comic Book Day” so its safe to say that I am completely unbiased to these avenger plot lines as they all seem very interesting, but this movie especially stands out as one of the best for it’s great build up of the character, his story, and everything else that is Captain America. I love how these movies cleverly assist the reasoning behind  grown men wearing such ridiculous outfits, along with the acting, and visual affects that are top notch. Chris Evans, tired of being Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriend, plays a sickly young American named Steve Rogers, who brings a unique spin to the, “wimp with a big heart motif”, because he’s not a wimp, he just tends to put himself in impossible situations and cares not for himself, but for what others can perceive him as, which ads layers of interest when this type of person gains power through sheer coincidence. Hayley Atwells character is a little too predictable in filling out the tired cliche of pretty and tough, but i suppose she makes up for it by being British, as well as an excellent supportive character. The Red Skull is characterized greatly, and that is solely due to the excellent yet somewhat hammy acting done by Hugo Weaving. The entire movie itself spans multiple years over the course of World War II, and into the twenty-first century. The ending climax and epilogue are done well but still seem a bit rushed but does well in keeping with a “good” super hero movie formula. Other critics will profess something about Captain America being free from irony, but when using World War II as a plot setting there is always irony, such as America helping the British when they themselves used to be our enemies, or Hitler himself not being of the “Master Race”. This in no way effects the movie, and it will also give a good lesson as to why the Nazi way of life was inherited. The best part of this movie has to be the introduction, and followed scenes of Tony Starks’ father Howard Stark as well as his realistic personality while any character interaction is somewhat obvious although the movie  probably wouldn’t have done as well if it was handled differently.  If there was any movie from this arcing , “Avengers”, plot to view post credit roll it’s this one since it advertises one of the most anticipated movies ever. Like I said in my Harry Potter review my favorite thing about movie franchises is the consistency of actors, and continuity. I know an actors job is to just fill a roll, but just think how much worse, “Back to the Future”, would have been if they replaced Christopher Lloyd, and lets not forget the extreme drop in quality of Aladdin without Robin Williams. Of course this movie gets a thumbs up, and is a must see even if you don’t know who Captain America is or even care to know. Thanks, and see ya later!



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