7 Aug

A new show from the lovable folks from down under, and made for Americans, breathes new life in the phrase, “Black Humor”, or is it humour. This show tells the story of Ryan Newman, played by everyone’s lovable hobbit, Elijah Wood, whose life literally goes to the dogs(sorry for that) after he meets Wilfred a canine in every sense who to Ryan is a full grown man in a dog costume(or furry for short). The show brings with it an interesting premise, and one that never gets old. If you enjoy a good dose of the NBC classics, current episodes of the show feature actors from the office, and other shows who bring their own spin on the situations brought about by Wilfred’s antics. From one funny scene to the next this show gives a great presentation on the morals of life, and really tests the relationship between man, and his best friend, It gets a definite thumbs up from me, and the miracle of hulu brings new episodes every friday for those who lack the resource, or will to catch it on television. Another show that’s not really new but still worth a look is the british drama/comedy called, “Misfits”, which also gets a thumbs up for its setting, acting, and presentation of moral values all while creating something unique at the end of every fantastic episode. This has been and still is my opinion, and I will see ya later!



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