30 Minutes or Less

14 Aug

I have recently watched one of Danny McBride’s movies wherein he is the stoner prince of a medieval kingdom in a fantasy comedy called, “Your Highness”, but the jokes were too silly to laugh at, and had the amazing ability to rush through good parts, and slow down the filler, which grew increasingly more annoying throughout the picture. This movie called, “30 Minutes or Less”, however sets up a simple yet clever premise, and the funny parts have actual substance to them instead of being , “just there for laughs”. It is hard for me to classify movies such as these, but I’ve boiled it down to two categories: Movies that are funny, and movies that are good, and funny. An example of a funny movie would be, “The Big Lebowski”, for it is hilarious throughout the film, but is filled with pointless subplots, big lipped alligator moments( Look it up), and unresolved conflict. That’s where 30 minutes or less shines in both a comedy, and somewhat compelling character deviations which adds to the comedy, especially in the movies seldom serious moments. The comedy star of this flick would undoubtedly be Aziz Ansari’s portrayal, bringing that explicit charm to every scene he’s in as well as Nick Swardson whose ability to change character dynamic fills out his own acting ability. I can’t talk fully about how a funny movie is good without telling the actual jokes, and spoilers are very unprofessional, but it still get’s a good thumbs up, and immediate recommendation from myself, for Danny McBride has redeemed himself. Thanks and see ya later!



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