The Big Lebowski

28 Aug

Allot of you have either seen one of Jeff Bridges movies, or at least know the name of the actor, but he seems fairly competent in filling any role placed in front of him. This movie however features the actor as, “The Dude”, or Jeff Lebowski, a middle aged Vietnam war veteran slash stoner whose only passion in life is to bowl, smoke weed, and cry about his crappy rug. Now, before I go in the direction I wish for this review, I’m going to praise this movie for what it does right, and what it does right is comedy. From John Goodman’s hammy performance, to the character interaction this movie is gold. However as I said in my 30 Minutes or Less, review, just because a movie is funny doesn’t automatically make a good one. The memorable, and somewhat over bared comedy is drowned in a sea of big lipped alligator moments which are pointless dream sequences, multiple unresolved subplots, such as the one featuring the hilarious John Turturro, and the fact that the movie has nothing to do with bowling except as a hub for the characters to return to. I cannot recommend this as a buy to anyone, but if you have a Netflix subscription I suggest you have a look at it for the good amount of laughs it produces. In general movie sense it gets a thumbs down, but in the comedy department it gets a thumbs up. You can still see Jeff Bridges recalling his Disney contract in Tron, or replacing John Wayne in the True Grit remake. I haven’t seen either movie nor their original sources but as you should know I’m pretty picky about my time. Thanks and see ya later!



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