The Weekly Slaying!

11 Sep

I really hate to admit this but unfortunately there is not enough time, or money within my reach to continue writing reviews. I wish all ten of my readers the best as I go on hiatus. Fear not for I have not given up, I’ll just be less consistent. I’ll still post the occasional review, and keep doing, “The Weekly DB!”, in order to keep you guys connected. On the bright side I am planning on going to three different cons this year. I will be at the Anime Manga Mini-con located in Lexington , Ky next week as a cosplay judge since I used to be apart of it, and won the first two competitions I might add. The other two are a little more prestigious; Sugoi con located in Ft. Mitchell Ky, on their saturday planned schedule, and a big one called Ohayocon located in Columbus Ohio, where I will hopefully be one of the panelists to feature the flash game I’m currently working on with my group. Keep supporting me, I love you guys. Thanks and see ya later!



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