Uncharted 3

21 Nov

Words cannot describe the sheer magnitude of disappointment that I have for this game but I will have to try. When playing this game you start out as Nathan Drake in a regular setting which is a huge change to the first two games, and it was at this time I got my funny feeling which tells me something will be good or bad. Fans of the series not unlike myself will always compare this experience to Uncharted 2 and even the first game which were both fantastic. Don’t get me wrong this was definitely a good game and it serves its purpose, but almost too well. Most of the characters other than Nathan and Sully seem completely uninterested in the experience at all and in a game where cinematic exchanges are a major part of the experience this one falls flat. There was no sense of severity in character actions and the convenience of plot points gets extremely out of hand. One performance in particular is Emily Rose, who portrays my favorite character Elena Fisher, falls flat as a piece of paper. The character itself is barely in the game at all and when she is she acts as if she just had a small lobotomy. As I said a lot of the plot points are either too convenient or completely pointless. I will give the game credit for having some of the best level designs in the series especially one featuring ships. The shooting mechanic seems somewhat worse than the last game and not as exciting. With the other two games there was a huge game changing pay off which forced us to suspend our disbelief, however that moment never comes. Everything that might seem “supernatural” is played off in a disappointing explanation.

Disregarding all I have said I must say that this game had the greatest moments of suspense in terms of platform run jump and shoot sequences that I will remember for as long as I’m sane. If there is one thing “Naughty Dog”, the company that made this game is good at, it’s their art direction and implementation of levels through creative design. If you are looking to play these games just for how they look and play then look no further. I would love to go into further detail but I’m afraid of spoiling anything so just take my word for it. The gripes I have with the story and actor portrayal are centered on the fact that it is completely generic to the point of extreme let down. I would’ve liked to see more exposition on Drake’s life, and how he met up with characters other than series staple Sully, like Chloe Frasier, or even a little more time with Elena. If I have to rate it on the experience as a whole then I will have to give it a thumbs down, but by no means is it bad and is definitely worth a look if you have the cash or at least a friend who was suckered into buying it for the shiny poster done by the artist for “Penny Arcade”.



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