Batman Arkham City

28 Jan


There are times in this world when a man can spend sixty bucks on a video game like Enslaved and wish it was something different like “Spyro the Dragon”, a much better but considerably outdated game. Then you spend six bucks (yes six dollars, Gamestop can be good to you sometimes) and you shout to the heavens “Hallelujah”. That’s the basic feeling I get from this game and for a wealth of good reasons. I don’t want to draw this review out for too long because even its appraisal may seem like a spoiler for how fantastic this game is. It takes the good of Asylum and cranks it up several notches, and then takes the bad from Asylum, puts it in a box, and ships it to the null void leaving nothing but gaming nirvana. If I have to some this game up in one phrase then it’s the opposite of Transformer’s 3. The gameplay is fluid, the story is varied and interesting, the characters are a blast to watch, and to top it all off you legitimately feel like your playing as the Dark Knight.  It’s a definite buy, gets my immediate recommendation, and two big swollen hairy play till you can’t play no more thumbs way up! This has is and always will be, my opinion. Thanks and see ya later.


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