Fus Roh Don’t

7 Feb

I will admit first and foremost that I have never played any of the other Elder Scrolls games besides Skyrim, but that just leads to a less biased review. This fact however does make my opinion somewhat jaded in that the only other open world RPG I have played other than this is Dragon Age Origins. While I believe that Origins was one the best gaming experiences of my life I have to approach each new gaming experience with caution or else I shall more than likely be disappointed. While Skyrim itself is a fantastic game and offers enough elements to more qualify in this age of gaming I will not be giving it the staggering props that other critics seem to handing out by the handful. I must say with a heavy heart that due to my extremely limited rating system I cannot find more than a few reasons to justify the buying of this game. Of course it’s nowhere near as awful as the dragon age sequel but it still offers many locales that get boring even though each of them are technically new. Skyrim is still being plagued by the immersion it lacks and cannot hold my interest for more than an hour in its cliched albeit nuanced plot. When companies offer games with combat as varied as the original Dragon Age games, and other Role Playing Game’s, and Skyrim wishes to remain in the dull brown and grey shades along with the atrocious combat that gets old fast. My biggest gripe with this game is that it gives the player almost too many choices but that just means there are too many to count as it tries to copy the Bioware system of “varied” response and action dialogue. The story is still epic and filled with memorable characters but so is Harry Potter, and when developers actually intend us to sit in front of our T.V’s to read a book within the game it starts to feel monotonous. This series still has a long way to go in terms of giving you immersion to game play but when you’re five games in and still haven’t gotten it right it may be time to go back to the drawing board. Don’t take my words too harshly, it’s just a matter of preference and I prefer something with a bit more direction and style. If you love the Elder Scrolls series you will want to marry this game, as for me I will have to give my honest opinion, thumbs down. This has, is, and always will be my opinion.

Thanks and see ya later!



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