Parks and Lack of Recreation.

7 Feb

NBC is no stranger to quirky comedies but the one starring Amy Poehler as the flighty Leslie Knope keeps both the high and low brow demographic laughing from scene one to the end. The series starts off at the turn of the Obama presidency and is set in the humble fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope, the deputy director for the Parks and Recreation department spends her days going above and beyond the expected activity for a government worker while her boss the Libertarian, no nonsense Ron Swanson(Nick Offerman) does his best to stay out of her way by doing nothing. The parks department being one of the lowest sanctions of government has led to some unenthusiastic employees but Leslie always keeps the ship running by bringing a seemingly unending amount of energy to her coworkers. This show’s main focus is on the plight of Leslie Knope as she tries to build a brand new park in order to replace trash filled pit, as well as make the town of Pawnee a better place.

The comedy comes in a mixture of satire and sitcom as real world issues are played off in each of the shows episodes. With three seasons under its belt and currently running a fourth this show has all but slipped under the radar as most new television series do, but this show deserves special mention since it doesn’t pander complicated premises like most shows of its kind would. This variation, added with, “The Office mockumentary,” style camera work keeps the pacing up to speed with its audience’s attention spans as well as its creative writing.

The biggest draw of this show has to be its wide range of characters each with their own varied, complex, and often goofy personalities and seeing each of them played off one another. Almost every episode features a new character trait or quirk to the cast that allows the audience to read into and fall more and more in love with them every time you watch an episode. I could write a two page paper on each character but the show should speak for itself, and it does this the best. The most accurate way to describe my feelings for this show is that every episode is its best episode, a paradox yes but not any less true.

You can do a lot with your time but I highly recommend that you check this show out as I promise you will not be disappointed. Even if you despise, “The Office,” and other shows by NBC I still suggest you watch this because I can say wholeheartedly that this is my favorite show, and I watch a lot of television.

This has is and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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