Safe House of Pancakes!

15 Mar

The only other prominent movie that I’ve seen featuring Denzel Washington was an interesting flick called John Q, but little did I know how influential an actor he can be. You’ve all probably heard my catch phrase before, “Thanks and see ya later!,” and you probably wonder where I got it from, and anyone who has seen that movie now knows the movie centers on those words and is why  I believe in them wholeheartedly and that saying goodbye is a little inappropriate for anyone. Washington’s latest movie depicts him as an aged yet well rounded and somewhat legendary CIA agent named Tobin Frost who deferred from the agency for unknown reasons and is caught and brought to a CIA safe house, a secret hideout of sorts for questioning on his rogue status and current dealings. Whilst Frost enjoys his stay at the safe house, an up and coming agent who feels shifted in his career named Matt Weston played by Ryan Reynolds must deal with the agent after a series of events leave the two alone whilst on the run from some unfriendly members of a criminal organization giving Weston a chance to either prove himself or fade into federal obscurity. The movie’s plot is pretty basic, as it is a spin on the concept of a “buddy” cop(or secret agent) movie but with an extremely more serious tone and atmosphere. Don’t take the word buddy seriously as there is no room for comedy in this film which in some cases is a good thing. The cinematography is good at setting the mood but the overabundance of close ups and a somewhat grainy texture leave you feeling suffocated throughout the movie enough that I was expecting the  unexpected to happen which ruined any tension I might have. The high points of the film are the well choreographed fight scenes and absolutely no unnecessary exposition, although the characters can’t help but feel two dimensional. These actors don’t work well togeter and the movie isn’t moving the plot in an interesting way except going to different places in order to set up interesting shots and potential action scenes. It’s not bad, but not good either, a mediocre film at its core and can’t really get me out of saying what this movie deserves and that’s a thumb’s down. Denzel Washington still has his acting chops and Ryan Reynolds has potential but both waste their time trying to sell this B movie, and like it already has, should stay under the Radar. Thanks and as John Q says, “See ya later!”



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