The Weekly Slaying!

25 Mar


Hello all, and welcome back to another week of awesomeness. I just experienced the greatest thing in my entire life so far, and that thing being going to a convention here in my own hometown. The event in question was the, “Lexington Comic& Toy Convention,” here in Lexington, KY at Heritage Hall Rupp Arena. Besides catching up with some old friends, getting some wicked art, and hearing live anime rap by ShadowClone I also got to meet up with three of the Power Rangers including Jason David Frank (Red, White, Green Ranger), Nakia Burrise(Yellow Ranger), Catherine Sutherland(Pink Ranger), not to mention the infamous Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy otherwise known as “Bulk and Skull”. I got to speak, film, and shake hands with people I used to watch on television as a kid and in reality their is nothing more satisfying. This was Lexington’s first major convention and it went off without a hitch. I’ll be posting my Mass Effect 3 Review shortly so look for that and I’m definitely doing a review for “21 JumpStreet”. Thanks and see ya later!



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