Madaga(gain?)scar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

13 Jun


After the satisfying conclusion that was presented in the sequel it seems these four animals can’t take enough abuse from the outside world and decide to go back to the zoo which they were ejected out of in the first movie anyways. I’ve since stopped caring so much for the plot of this franchise and wish these set of characters could have been left alone and make room for other more interesting and fun characters such as the penguins and King Julien who still have their own successful spin off show. This movie decides to retcon any rational thought or plot that had been established in the previous movies and instead opts for way too convenient set pieces which seem to be the only thing keeping these movies afloat. With that being said this movie franchise gone from stylistically realistic to full blown surrealistic as a couple of scenes which feature the circus performance gives 3D a reason for existing in all its mediocrity. While your kids will be satisfied with the pretty colors the Adults who are forced to see it will be left to suffer through awkward, groan heavy jokes that either fly over their heads or are to corny to even chuckle at. Although I give this movie a thumbs down I still give a 3D matinee recommendation, just be sure to bring a kid so no one looks at you funny.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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