Snow White and Th(or)e Huntsman.

13 Jun


A surprising twist on the classic fairytale which features a cast of actors that seem made for the roles they are put in.Kristen Stewart does an outstanding job making a compelling character out of the paint by numbers damsel and with this has surely shed some of the weight of the terrible Twilight films but even though, her character still seems unsure of what she is supposed to do throughout the film. Chris Hemsworth feels right at home playing the drunken warrior that is the huntsman and never once did I feel as if he was falling back on his Avengers success in order to get through the movie and does his acting well if not only to be here because he’s one of the Avengers. Special mention must go to Charlize Theron for the part of the evil queen as she steals the show even more so than most female villians and the emotional girth of her character allows for sympathy as well as hatred. The much needed comedy in the film is provided by the Eight(?) Dwarves who are brought to life with the most beautiful looking blend of CGI and green screening in order to seamlessly blend these regular sized actors into realistic little people. The movies flaws glare through the plot points and the actual connection between the three main characters and what ultimately boils down to a halfhearted conclusion to an otherwise great film. I give the film a thumbs up and a recommendation if only to see a refreshing take on an ancient tale.


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