Brave(ry interesting)

22 Jun

Pixar movies have always had a single tier when it came to the quality of movies they produced and until the phoned in experience that was Cars 2 we’ve had faith in the company that could do no wrong. When this movie was first announced people were a little wary as to whether it was going to be good or not. I can safely say that without a doubt this movie is definitely good, however with this movie Pixar has seemed to have created a middle tier in which a n original story can stand but still be weighed down by a set of cliche’s to obvious to even invest in. This the first Pixar movie to truly break the uncanny valley affect, not in terms of look but lighting, texture, and weight of everything you see in the film which all seems to fit perfectly with the fantasy atmosphere presented. The story is a somewhat cliche “Freaky Friday” style lesson of a mother and daughter trying to understand each other in a male dominated society. I won’t give any other details on the story as it has an interesting setup and payoff but while the story alone as cliche as it may seem the real problem of the film comes in the form of Pixar’s sudden reliance on shock humor. The examples of this include seeing the bare behinds of multiple characters, and the to real for t.v. shots of a woman’s bosom. While the kids will eat this up I can’t see it carrying any favor for adults who are usually drawn to Pixar just because they don’t rely on this kind of shtick until now of course. Even with these things weighing the film down it also has a lot of good to outweigh the bad such as the pitch perfect cast led by Kelly Macdonald as Princess Merida who’s hair can only be described as a still photo of a wild fire, and also featuring the talents of Billy Connolly, and Emma Thompson to bring personality and an air of class to their roles. Other characters appear to be interesting and well designed but are never truly utilized to their full potential and seem to only pad out the time as a resolution comes all to simply. Alot of things work in this film but the flaws are too glaring to brush them off but either way this movie does get a thumbs up, and a reccomendation, but do yourself a favor and skip the 3D. This has, is, and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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