30 Jun


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane tries his hand at movie making and succeeds only to produce a movie that takes advantage of the freedom that comes from a movie but keeps the charm to a good level. The movie stars an aging Mark Wahlberg as John Bennet,  whose character makes a wish as a child to bring his teddy bear, voiced by Macfarlane himself, to life and when it comes true the seemingly immortal bear mentally grows right along with John into his middle ages and turns into a vile, crude, but still lovable teddy bear. The movie has the literal feel of another show called Wilfred where the main characters act within their world and bounce of the reality of the situation. This movie was made for Family Guy fans as the Boston accented plush toy might as well be a tiny version of peter griffon not to mention a supporting cast comprised of several Family Guy actors such as Mila Kunis as the love interest for Bennet. Jokes go from goofy slapstick to inappropriately offensive which isn’t surprising considering the director and the premise. Certain parts work only to make people laugh out loud from shock humor and if anyone has a history with 80’s T.V. show flash Gordon needs to see this movie. I have to give props as it were to Kunis for successfully breaking out of that airheaded acting that stagnated from That 70’s show, and plays of the cartoony premise almost too naturally. While fans of Macfarlane will wrap this movie around them like a warm blanket other movie goers may find the movie in poor taste as there seems to be a cliché sort of ending for every sub plot and ends on a nice note.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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