The Dark Knight Rises(to the occasion)

20 Jul


Words cannot describe the feelings that this movie makes me feel, but I’m sure going to try. This movie deserves the sort of lackluster reception it’s been receiving if only to catch movie goers off guard when this movie decides to sucker punch some of the best character interactions and plot lines into the audience’s face. This movie begins eight years after the events of the last film and in a time of peace and safety due to the sacrificial attitude of The Batman, the city feels as if it has nothing to fear. That is until the war mercenary known as Bane decides to ruin everyone’s fun by declaring war on the reclusive 1%’s of the city. While the introduction of this villain and Catwoman into these movies has left fans of the Batman including myself with a feeling of dread as they enter the theater, I will give my word that martyrs and casual fans of the bat have nothing to fear and should feel excited to see this new installment and that is in no small effort to the excellent cast. While Bale brings the gravel voice back he tones it down enough but it has no place anywhere in these movies. Anne Hathaway does a phenomenal job filling the cat’s stilettos and made me wish that she had her own movie to spend time with her and that catsuit she sports. I have to give credit to Tom Hardy as a more sinister and intelligent version of the Hulk wannabe, and still finds room to ham it up with his triumphant poses and Sean Connery voice. The series mainstays like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman act their hearts out giving a good shot of heart to the film that it needs to keep it from being too gritty. This movie may not be better in a plot aspect than the second film, but it is a testament to Christopher Nolan’s ability to avoid giant pitfalls when it comes to handling these characters. If you liked the other films or are a batman enthusiast then this Movie is a must see, and if you didn’t realize from the review I give this movie two swollen thumbs up and give an immediate recommendation to anyone who wants a break from the midsummer movie lull.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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