15 Aug


Well there is no easy way to define this game. I want to call it pretentious but that’s what I think of all games that don’t feature more than three lines of dialogue. You see there is a difference between being pretentious, and having faith that your audience isn’t comprised of five year old’s. JapanStudio which comes second behind ThatGameCompany in the creative name of the year award finds itself to create games that are horrible on paper, but that’s why all table top games feature a dragon a some point. Ico is no exception to that theory either as it wants to be a force camera platformer, escort mission, and monster fighting adventure all at the same time. I enjoy holding a girls hand as much as the next 10 year old boy I don’t want to do so whilst fending off scribble monsters and traversing a too big to be real castle. At one point I had gotten a sword upgrade amidst  all the two by fours I had to use for shadow scattering only to find multiple swords littered throughout he game which ruined my sense of progression. I was engrossed in the experience no doubt but that isn’t always a good thing, in this game for example when you connect with the characters goal of getting out of the castle makes me want the game to over asap is what’s bad. While I applaud this game for presentation which is a given in this day in age I unfortunately have to give a thumbs down to any game that makes me want to finish it early and feel like a chore to play. I see a pattern in my reviews that I’m a little too positive but it’s all about perspective in the long run.

This has is and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



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