The Weekly Slaying!

15 Aug

Uh…. Update I guess. I can see there is no excuse for my unwanted absences but as I’m not getting paid for this venture in critiquing (yet) you must forgive me if their is a dry spell. The recent releases in movies such as, “The Watch”, and “The Campaign”, have made my bad movie sense tingle like a kick in the nuts from a disgruntled mule I have all but avoided them. Not to mention trying to get my video reviews off the ground has been frustrating to say the least. I might play catch up eventually but I’m starting school soon and so any reviews will be featured on the eastern progress label as well as here. To the few people who enjoy my “musings” I have nothing but gratitude for your support. I will post a review of ICO later sort of a retro review even though this was my first time playing it. Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya later!



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