Ob(eautiful)livion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror

22 Aug



It appears that no one can fault me for watching a kids movie imported from japan and dubbed by the merciful gods of english anime known as Funimation, however I can find fault with said movie when it decides to take over the advertisements of my usual internet programming. A little backstory is required as I ussualy stick to the mainstream, as I said this movie has had a lot of marketing on the internet and even a blu ray release here in the states so who am I to judge a book by it’s cover. A free viewing of the dubbed version on Funimation’s website allowed me to experience this little gem of a film but all the while I was watching it I couldn’t help but notice a lot of cliches taken from earlier animated Disney movies. We got Alice in wonderland, little mermaid, lion king, and even some miyazaki flare to go with it. The story is about Haruka a young japanese girl who had lost her mother at a young age, which prompted her to indulge in a legend that putting eggs as an offering to the fox thieves will bring her back, oh theres a mirror to but that can’t possibly be important. Feeling resentment towards her overworked father she develops a rude personality that let’s her give in to fits of rebellion and stay away from her empty home one night and go to a shrine to do what the legend says except this time she wishes to have the mirror back instead of her mother( She probably watched FMA and learned from their mistake) accepting her death and moving on. I don’t want to spend the entire review explaining the convoluded plot but basically through some magical, coincidental, convenient action Haruka gets literally sucked down a portal via sacrificial egg(You see what I mean?) which lands her in the magical world of oblivion island which is made up entirely of lost(stolen) junk which the fox people justify since it was neglected which is not really the point. The point is that this movie is gorgeous and filled to the brim with semi painted/animated backrounds and the cg charecters even have a good variety in look, my favorite being the villian known as the baron who wheres a humanoid costume and make to make him look like a kabuki lord. Nice touches all around cliches and all but it falls to one degree in its completely boring story. I can’t even see kids watching this in one sitting but what do I know about kids. If your a fan of anime and good art this a must see, if your looking for a nice family film this works too, but if your a bored lonely 20 year old blogger who’s social graces are sub par at best you’ll probably want to skip it. Thumbs up for effort though.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion, thanks and see ya later!



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