2 Sep


A surprise comes in many forms and one of the biggest surprises of my life has to be the movie, “PARANORMAN,”. The look of the movie screams for children but after viewing it it might be a good idea to keep away from young children unless you let them watch South Park. The basic setup for the plot is that Norman a young boy who has the ability to see ghosts must stop a witch’s curse from raising the dead. That’s about all I can say plot-wise because anything the trailers don’t show is easily considered a spoiler. What has to be the best stop motion animation I’ve seen in my life this movie seems almost perfect in its execution of character depth, presentation, exposition, and story. The movie wastes no time hitting you with mild to somewhat extreme adult humor, and gross out moments that fit with every scene. The movie also has that nostalgic feel of old horror movies and even creates scenes that seem generally terrifying and had me worrying about the younger members of the audience. All of the sleek and shine of the cinematography comes with a great cast of B actors who fit the role and it was quite refreshing to only see a couple of familiar names in the credits. The cast of colorful and memorable characters is made so all the more by the exaggerated yet somewhat realistic character designs amidst action and comedy coming from them. The movie’s plot is also not cut and dry as people would expect and gives real feeling and emotion in every twist it presents not to mention I have to applaud any movie that can make me laugh out loud and have the laughter be genuine enjoyment, rather than shocking. While this movie seems to be without flaw there is a feel of confusion throughout the film even towards the end and some of the more adult humor can seem forced but it doesn’t take away from the best kid’s horror movie to date. I cannot recommend this movie enough and the writers, director, and especially animator’s all deserve an award for giving more hope in the kids movie genre and can give Pixar some slack. My final thoughts on this is that this is a great movie and will probably be one of the more underrated classics of our time, two swollen thumbs up.  


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