War(on twilight)m Bodies

4 Feb


Finally, a chick flick made for guys.

Warm Bodies is the film adaptation of Isaac Marion’s popular novel of the same name and brings a heartwarming element to the zombie apocalypse genre. The film is directed by fairly new film director Jonathan Levine who also directed the comedy-drama 50/50 and was produced by independent film studio Mandeville Films.

The film is set in a zombie infested world and stars Nicholas Hoult as R a zombie. The zombies in this film shamble around like usual but still retains sentient thought provided through an inner monologue. The zombies also consume brains as it gives them the victim’s memories and allow them to feel human if only for a short time. The remaining humans have held up on the inside of a walled city lead by General Grigio (John Malkovich) the father of Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer), who after a medicine raid is abducted by R who falls in love with her and starts to feel human again due to their growing relationship which starts to affect the rest of the zombies in the same way as they recall their own memories.

The film is a mix of genres including horror, romance, comedy, and action all wrapped up in a nice package even if it does move slowly in some spots.

The way the movie’s been billed, people probably expect this film to be little more than a campy Romantic comedy with a few zombies spread about.

But actually it’s an endearing take of the Beauty and the Beast idea of a monster becoming human after falling in love. The characters for the most part are typical teenage and zombie movie stereotypes save for the two leads that are likeable and interesting as their relationship grows, listening to R’s vinyl record collection and joyride in abandoned sports cars.

Usually movies like this tend to lose balance when putting something as relatively trivial as a relationship in the middle of a living hell, and it usually falls flat every time. However Warm Bodies uses the romance between the two leads as a reason for hope in the zombie apocalypse since not just R but the other zombies begin to become human again as they remember what it’s like to experience emotions.

And that is where the movie shines in its story, even if the pacing suffers from time to time focusing on the romantic side a little too much and not giving any explanation as to the pseudo-science that commences. But it focuses mainly on them for the majority of the movie and all of the annoying characters or cliché’s were cut out early in the plot. Romance in general can be enjoyed only when and if the love interests are attractive in an emotional sense and this movie does this well enough.

Also having a good amount of action and comedy cleverly spaced around the main plot makes the film enjoyable for almost anybody since it never goes too far or too long with any of its genres. Special mention has to go to Rob Corddry as the “dude” best friend, zombie edition, who is torn between his insatiable hunger and helping R in his trials.

While the story is pretty good for the most part the actor’s do feel a bit awkward and forced at times and the cast doesn’t seem to fit quite right. There’s also a bit of inconsistency with how the zombies are portrayed as being both sentient and mindless at the same time which leads to some head scratching moments that distract from the interesting plot.

The film as a whole is definitely enjoyable from beginning to end and is probably the best story told in this light of emotional situation, and is definitely worth a watch. Two thumbs up.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion.

Thanks and see ya later!


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