Bioshock Infinite(ly mediocre)

15 Apr

The original Bioshock was an unforgettable experience. Players explored the hauntingly beautiful under water dystopia known as rapture. This time however in Irrational Games’ follow up Bioshock Infinite the world design has done a 180 and the new city, Columbia, floats in the sky. Infinite starts similarly to the original with our hero, Booker DeWitt, working as a private investigator who’s on a job to find a girl named Elizabeth and return her to New York to settle an unexplained debt. He is then inadvertently transported to Columbia via rocket chair and begins to explore the vast floating city for answers and gets wrapped up in a lot more than what he’s bargained for.

To say that the world Irrational has created is beautiful is an understatement. The bright sun lit streets of Columbia are awash with citizens going about their business and towering buildings bobbing on the horizon by the effects of gravity. The different sounds abound with chatter, activity, and the haggling of vendors.

So yes the game looks good. But how does it play?

The gameplay is similar to that of the original for the most part, a first person shooter with power ups that add variety as well as strategy for dealing with different enemies. The shooting portion of the game is lackluster. So you’ll be trying your best to use the power ups for a more varied experience. The power ups come in the form of “Vigor’s” which are basically “Plasmids” from the original and come in different abilities, such as sending a murder of crows to disorient your opponent or casting a magnetic shield to deflect bullets. These powers are fueled by the substance known as “Salts” which work in the same way as “Eve” from Bioshock.

The game also sports several changes to the game play, some good and some bad. The first notably bad change is that there are only two weapon slots, forcing players to choose only two weapons at a time. This was changed to give Infinite a sense of strategy but this style dissolves the strategy seeing as that you cannot predict what type of fight you might be in next.

A more positive introduction to the gameplay is your partner Elizabeth. Elizabeth has the power to open “rifts” which change the environment for offensive and defensive measures. She also revives you if you happen to die in battle. She will occasionally find and give you ammo, money, and salts when you need them and is a lifesaver during heavy fire fights.

The game as a whole is definitely worth playing and has a lot to offer in both gameplay and story. While the combat can get repetitive and occasionally tedious, but the world you explore keeps you playing until the end. And I dare say the ending alone may be remembered as one of the greatest moments in gaming. It may not be game of the year, but it deserves to be played through at least once just to see what happens to these characters.

This has is and always will be my opinion.

Thanks and see ya later!



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