The Occasional Slaying! May 1st 2013

1 May

I’ve decided to transform the “Weekly Slaying” into the “Occasional Slaying” since update about as much as Valve. Truth be told I’ve been a little depressed lately and wondering about what I’m doing. But recently, and by recently I mean about ten minutes ago, I got what you might call a fan, or a fellow appreciator of the arts, and let me tell you it’s just the kind of motivator to kick me into gear. I’ve been at this for about two and a half years and it’s not fans I want but a discussion. I want to argue and debate, and present points in favor of an argument. I want to find others who understand what it’s like to analyze things beyond just a two hour mass of light and noise. I also want to share these with everyone and with my new found confidence I can proudly say I am a writer. I want to write, I want to talk, I want to analyze and I want all that to lead to something more, a legacy. Thanks BOAZCONSTRICTOR. Your my first follower who isn’t immediate friend or family and i hope you will go as far as I hope to. Thanks to everyone else who took the time to read and click that like button because it always brightens my day.

Look for my two new reviews below and the summer rush to come, and as always,this has is and always will be my opinion.

Thanks and see ya later!



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