Breaking Bad

8 Sep

breaking-bad-logoThe hit crime and drama series, Breaking Bad, being in its fifth and final season as well as being one of the most engaging television shows to date, deserves a second look into the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his rise to infamy as the notorious drug lord known as, “Heisenberg.”

The show details the story of a man named, Walter White, who goes from mild mannered chemistry teacher to drug lord in the span of the shows run.  Of course at first he goes into the meth making business as a means to take care of his family since he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and fears for his family’s survival. Working with his former student and delinquent, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walt develops his own chemically pure meth, the off colored “Blue Sky”, and starts to gather the unwanted attention from that of other drug dealers and major criminals who prove to make his family saving venture into an all-out war for his product and his soul.

Created by writer Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad proves to be a show that can excite and pull at the different strings of an audience’s heart, not to mention sprinkling some well-placed levity throughout the drama. Each episode raised the stakes and had you wanting for more as you tried to piece the story together only to have the show twist and turn in surprising places making it that much more engaging.

The partnership between Walt and Jesse grows into one of the most solid and believable relationships between two characters as they struggle to keep their head above water while keeping what’s most important to the m safe. Walt’s brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) tirelessly trying to hunt down “Heisenberg” all without knowing that it’s Walter. And the emotional roller coaster that gives each character whether good or bad their own moments of drive and clarity into how they’ve become what they are in the shows theme of reaction and change which parallels the study of chemistry itself.

MINI-TORIAL-Rooting for the bad guy?: Ever since Breaking Bad started the character of Walter White has been a complicated one. At first you think, “Oh sure he’s just doing this for his family,” but he never stops. For no other reason then to, “build an empire” asWalter puts it. In this process White has ostensibly become the bad guy even though he’s still the protagonist; killing snitches, poisoning children, lying to everyone he knows and letting the success of his illegal business come before all else. Yet we still find ourselves supporting Walter in his villainous venture, and I think it’s because we relate to Walt. Sure, we wouldn’t do any of the things Walter has done, but spending time and rooting for someone for over five years leads to rose colored glasses and an interesting version of stockholm syndrome. We want him to come out on top, we want him to succeed, because if he doesn’t then in the end, everything that happened so far would’ve been pointless.

As said above this show is in its last season and the culmination of over five years of story and character development is coming to an end as the final episodes are coming out in the coming weeks.  With this in mind now more than ever is the perfect time to start watching, because if the rest of the show is any indication this finale is what everyone will be talking about for a long time.

Its brilliant writing, mixed with spectacular cinematography, and topped off with an amazing cast of actors who make the roles they play as three dimensional as possible make Breaking Bad one of the greatest television shows of this or any generation.

Breaking Bad is streaming on Netflix and the final season episodes can be purchased on


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