About What!

Blog:Never far from my T.V., P.C, or M.T.(Movie Theater) I am here to delve into the world of entertaining media. Film, game, written or otherwise is what I’m interested in so please read, comment and share with me on this journey into the world of both good, and bad experiences.

Schedule: Will have an update every Sunday.(Maybe)

Me: Born, and raised a simple Kentucky life, my dream of becoming a writer, producer, and judge of things in the media started when I began to get invested more and more into the world of video games. Then I decided to give movie going a run, and was able to find a plethora of things both good and bad about both subjects. Soon I began reading gaming magazines, and watch blog, and video reviews most often found on sites such as “Penny Arcade”, and “ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com”, whose conributors you might say inspired me to keep the “nerd” motif throughout my teenage years and beyond. I was able to surround myself with the kind of people I didn’t find  irritating, and loved it.The End?

Hobbies: Magic the Gathering, Drawing, Watching  hilarious videos, Manga, and Anime.

Little Secret: I keep a box of my favorite Pokemon cards in my closet.I also own no Pokemon cards.


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