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The Lego Movie(Everything is Awesome!)

10 Feb

It’s a rare sight to see the stars align for a film, but when the gears mesh they sing like angels, and what better movie to represent this allegory then The Lego Movie.

Released on Feb. 7, The Lego Movie is a computer-animated adventure comedy film based on the Lego construction toys and the different licensed products made from them. From the trailers and initial speculation The Lego Movie seems like a hodgepodge of references and nostalgia, with a little star power thrown in for extra measure.

The Lego Movie actually houses a cleverly written and engaging world built with enough fervor and heart to rival the Pixar classics. The film tells a familiar yet unique story about an average construction worker, Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt), who goes about every day following the instructions given to him and never going outside the lines. Eight and a half years before this, an evil dictator by the name of Lord Business (Will Ferrel) steals a weapon called the “Kragle” and wants to use its power to make the Lego world perfect by his personal instructions. Emmet becomes wrapped in a prophecy foretold by a wise man named Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), who sees a chosen one called, “The Special,” as a the one who will use an artifact called the Piece of Resistance to destroy the Kragle and defeat Lord Business.

Seems simple enough but looks can be very deceiving. First off the first surprise of the film would be its cast and its refreshing lack of celebrities. Sure there’s Liam Neeson and Ferrel but the main cast consists of TV actors such as Pratt and Will Arnett as Batman. The best part is that The Lego Movie uses these actors to their full comedic potential and several scenes will have you chuckling throughout the movie.

Which goes by quick with a frenetic pace that seems to fit the movie perfectly as the beautiful faux stop-motion animation direction is incredibly fun to watch. But nothing is perfect and the film does lead to a few flaws such as the fact that since it has such a fast paced feel, the more slow moments seem out of place. The sound design seems a bit muffled and it’s not clear whether this was intentional or not.

Regardless of personal taste or the want for something that “seems” original The Lego Movie is a must watch for anyone looking for a fresh idea and film that stays 100% true to its name.


Injustice: God(I love this games)s Among Us

1 May


Imagine a world ruled by Superman and all of his values were immediately flipped after The Joker goes too far with one of his pranks.

The story, which is mostly presented through a promotional tie-in comic, is that The Joker, using kryptonite laced fear toxin, tricks Superman into thinking his pregnant wife Lois Lane was his ultimate enemy Doomsday. Thinking this he subsequently kills her and his unborn child which activated a detonator linked to Lois’ heart that set off a nuke in the heart of Metropolis. Basically, in one fell swoop, Superman killed his family and the city he had sworn to protect. This leaves him with nothing but a new mission. After the tragedy Superman decides that sitting on the sidelines and dedicating himself to one city and the will of the people isn’t enough and opts to get rid of all evil in the world without due process and becomes a tyrant in order to prevent what happened to him from ever happening to anyone else. Pretty heavy stuff to be sure but this actually takes place in an alternate universe and heroes from the “good” universe we know and love are pulled over  to try and end Superman’s reign of terror.

The plot is actually an excellent framing device as to how and why characters from the DC universe would be fighting each other.

The game has been touted as Mortal Kombat with DC characters (No not that one). This makes sense seeing that the developer NetherRealm Studios were the ones responsible for the Mortal Kombat Reboot in 2011.

The gameplay take cues from more popular fighting games like MK and Street fighter in terms of controls. The basic fighting is set on light, medium, and heavy attacks and the different combos that can be executed with them for each character.

With a game like this it would be expected to have each character use the same set of moves just with a different coat of paint. In this game however each character is completely unique. While the fighting is pretty basic and similar each character has a personal set of skills and techniques that add a great deal of variety during battles. Batman uses different gadgets and martial arts, while superman shoots lasers and hovers around the stage. With 24 characters on the starting roster the possibilities seem endless.

Another plus for the gameplay is the interactivity with objects on the stage, from throwing cars on Gotham’s streets to kicking someone into Doomsday in the Fortress of Solitude. The games levels are also multi-tiered allowing players to knock their opponent into another part of the stage through damaging cut scenes giving yet another layer of comic book style fighting.

While the campaign is short at just around 4-5 hours the replay value is immense. Of course there are offline and online modes that allow you to play as your favorite character with friends on the couch or people from around the world. Not to mention a huge set of challenge battles and arcade modes can keep single players busy. There is also a mode featuring “S.T.A.R. Labs missions”, which are a varied set of fun mini games, like using Catwoman’s cat to steal gems. Doing all these things in and out of the Campaign will net you experience points used to access bonus features and other features.

Injustice: God’s Among Us is a must buy for lovers of DC and fighting games as both sides of this entry to the licensed game genre shine as bright as the sun.

I give this game two thumbs up.

This has is and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!



The Dark Knight Rises(to the occasion)

20 Jul


Words cannot describe the feelings that this movie makes me feel, but I’m sure going to try. This movie deserves the sort of lackluster reception it’s been receiving if only to catch movie goers off guard when this movie decides to sucker punch some of the best character interactions and plot lines into the audience’s face. This movie begins eight years after the events of the last film and in a time of peace and safety due to the sacrificial attitude of The Batman, the city feels as if it has nothing to fear. That is until the war mercenary known as Bane decides to ruin everyone’s fun by declaring war on the reclusive 1%’s of the city. While the introduction of this villain and Catwoman into these movies has left fans of the Batman including myself with a feeling of dread as they enter the theater, I will give my word that martyrs and casual fans of the bat have nothing to fear and should feel excited to see this new installment and that is in no small effort to the excellent cast. While Bale brings the gravel voice back he tones it down enough but it has no place anywhere in these movies. Anne Hathaway does a phenomenal job filling the cat’s stilettos and made me wish that she had her own movie to spend time with her and that catsuit she sports. I have to give credit to Tom Hardy as a more sinister and intelligent version of the Hulk wannabe, and still finds room to ham it up with his triumphant poses and Sean Connery voice. The series mainstays like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman act their hearts out giving a good shot of heart to the film that it needs to keep it from being too gritty. This movie may not be better in a plot aspect than the second film, but it is a testament to Christopher Nolan’s ability to avoid giant pitfalls when it comes to handling these characters. If you liked the other films or are a batman enthusiast then this Movie is a must see, and if you didn’t realize from the review I give this movie two swollen thumbs up and give an immediate recommendation to anyone who wants a break from the midsummer movie lull.

This has, is, and always will be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!


The Weekly Slaying!

20 Jul

 I know these “Slayings,” haven’t been exactly weekly but there isn’t much to review. I just watched the new batman and will have review up today. All that I can say is read my review and that I’m trying my hardest to expedite video reviews, and I’m waiting on my friend to draw me some title cards.

Thanks and see ya later! 


Batman Arkham City

28 Jan


There are times in this world when a man can spend sixty bucks on a video game like Enslaved and wish it was something different like “Spyro the Dragon”, a much better but considerably outdated game. Then you spend six bucks (yes six dollars, Gamestop can be good to you sometimes) and you shout to the heavens “Hallelujah”. That’s the basic feeling I get from this game and for a wealth of good reasons. I don’t want to draw this review out for too long because even its appraisal may seem like a spoiler for how fantastic this game is. It takes the good of Asylum and cranks it up several notches, and then takes the bad from Asylum, puts it in a box, and ships it to the null void leaving nothing but gaming nirvana. If I have to some this game up in one phrase then it’s the opposite of Transformer’s 3. The gameplay is fluid, the story is varied and interesting, the characters are a blast to watch, and to top it all off you legitimately feel like your playing as the Dark Knight.  It’s a definite buy, gets my immediate recommendation, and two big swollen hairy play till you can’t play no more thumbs way up! This has is and always will be, my opinion. Thanks and see ya later.

The Weekly Slaying!

21 Nov

I apologize for leaving my fans (if any) hanging for so long, I just started playing games again and I wanted to get my Uncharted 3 review out of the way. I soon will bring you a review of Batman: Arkham City, as well as Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As for Skyrim that might take a while since it’s almost Christmas and the game itself will no doubt take an unfathomable amount of time to even finish. Hope you stay with me on my succeeding venture. This has is and will always be my opinion. Thanks and see ya later!